Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm not going! IF - Suspence

Do you ever have this problem?
When I have a special event I feel that nothing looks good on me..
Nothing feels right and I get so frustrated that I don't even wanna go anymore.
Sometimes I get so insecure, especially when I want to look my best.
You just need someone sometimes who says: You look ok! Come on let's go!


  1. Well, I never had this problem because everything wearable I own is black, but I like the colours of your cartoon :D

  2. I understand you, a lots of times I feel that, I like your concept ^_^

  3. I like your style, it's very fun! Funny piece too!

  4. Very cute illustration. You know, you look great in all those outfits. When I have this kind of trouble, I just remember the following:
    People are not looking at me NEARLY as much as I imagine they are. Seriously. People have stuff going on. Don't worry so much. :)

  5. Cute! This is pretty much sums up me before I go out too.

  6. such nice comments, thankyou all! :)

  7. Creative, funny and sometimes true! She's a cutie. Very nice illustration.