Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little girls all over the world

I'm sorry.. I just can't concentrate, it's realy bad!
So instead of studying I'll show you a small painting I made a little while ago.
I'm making a serie with cute little girls all over the world.
As you can see (I hope) this is a Eskimo girl.
I also made a little Indian girl, I'll show you soon.

The picture quality is not that good..Sorry!

Mini pies!

The last couple of days I watched a lot of Pushing Daisies episodes in stead of doing homework.
Not a good idea! But in one episode Chuck makes mini (cupcake) pies!
Well that is a good idea.. so I made some :)

I decided that I wanted to make mini cherry pies and used a normale pie recipe and the notmartha site for some inspiration.
They were very tasty and just the right size!

By the way.. don't you just love Pushing Daisies?
All the clothes, pies and colors.. I do :)

Such a Doll!!

It's been quiet around here..
I had some vacation time and I'm now busy with exams :(
My vacation time was spend with the making of a lot of dolls!

I call them Anne-poppetjes (poppetjes means dolls in dutch) and they look like doodles girls I make.
The little girls above are still naked but I'm making clothes right now.
My sewing machine broke down so they are all handmade which is a lot of work.
But it's fun giving them a character, making clothes and accessories.

Beside making dolls I filled my vacation time watching films and baking, I will share some recipes soon!

What do you like to do in your spare time?