Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Picture a Day...

Keeps the doctor away.
Okey, maybe it doesn't.

But I'm going to do a 365-day project and will post a photo of me every day!
I think most of them will be taken with the photo booth program on the imac.
But now and then I'll do a special photoshoot!:)
I tried 365-projects before and found it pretty hard to stick with them.
But I got a feeling this one is going to last :)
Soooo here's the first photo.. many to come!

Secretly, this photo was taken yesterday... So I'll be back later with a photo of today.
And pleaseee don't focus on the mess behind me, I need to clean.
Oh you all just totally focused!I saw you do it ;)
What can I say.. I'm only human...

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